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'foxfires at the changing tree'  

"Stepping into the pulsating songs by 'I saw Les Monte' is like merging into a black and white foreign film. 

One of those films that exist in secretive theaters at midnight."

(american pancake)


track listing

  1. Hokusai

  2. crystal bride

  3. vesper flight

  4. go up to the mountain / Perseïden

  5. eros or the magic of life

  6. Aokigahara

  7. the return of Roy Batty

  8. this is how much I know

foxfires at the changing tree, part three of a trilogy,
is a synthesis from the first and second album.

Roy Batty for example, returns through death’s door.
Nature still plays an important part yet now with more emphasis
on its spiritual dimensions.
Enjoy the journey! 

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Album image: Utagawa Hiroshige

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