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De Subjectivisten

what's been written about x-rayed Eden:


American Pancake:

Stepping into the pulsating "x-rayed Eden" by Amsterdam based divergent dream pop

(or broken pop) outfit 'I saw Les Monte' is like merging into a black and white foreign film.

One of those films that exist in secretive theaters at midnight. (...)



"Dark, deep, and curious in tone. The track captures that brooding ambient sound blended with reflective psychedelic elements through the flow. Clearly the style revolves around these spectrums. Appreciate the moody, evocative musical character complemented by the atmospheric orchestral progression." 


"I enjoyed the progression here, super clean production and thought provoking lyrics."

Ratings Game Music:

“Deep and heart-wrenching”


"x-rayed Eden" is a beautiful tune - very haunting in a good way. Thinking this is a bit too art-rock oriented for our usual content, but enjoyed the experience nonetheless.”

Music On The Moon:

"x-rayed eden is a ruminating and immersive experience of a track. Particularly enjoyed the lead vocals here. Great tone and quality. Nice build. Cool synth work. Percussive backbone pulse. Imaginative and introspective lyricism. Lush guitars. Very ambient. Interesting. I don't feel the vibe is a perfect fit for my playlists BUT I appreciate the artistry. Props are due!"

The Phantom Machine:

“Minimalistic and powerful. Both production, composition and mix create an engaging and thrilling atmosphere. Remarcable lyrics as well. Great tune”

Iimage: Dora Lionstone

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